F. of Medicine 3rd year, Pathophysiology, group EM03

Információk a listáról

This email list helps you in the process of learning pathophysiology (3rd year subject at the F. of Medicine).
The students in the group and your tutor are the members of this list.
You become a member of the list automatically based on what group you registered to in the Neptun system.
The aim of this list is to enhance the communication about pathophysiology between the students and their tutor, and among students as well.
The list is open only for the members of the group. It is equipped with an archive and a shared document repository.
The list can function as a workgroup, questions that come up can be discussed, documents can be exchanged.
The shared documents feature is preferable for exchanging documents. It is forbidden to use this list for other any purpose than what is listed above.

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