Forum and shared documents for subject: Microbiology (F. of Dentistry, 3rd year)

Információk a listáról

This email list provides a forum and shared documents area for the subject: microbiology (Faculty of Dentistry, 3rd year).
All students and tutors are members of this list.
You need not sign up for this list because all members of the group lists become automatically members.
You should give your email address to your tutor on the first practicals to sign up for the group lists.
Mail written for the address of this forum appears only after approval by the owners (so the list is moderated).
The archive of the forum is public, can be accessed by anyone on the web.
Shared documents can only be accessed by the members of the list.
List members can upload files to the shared documents area, but these become accessible only after approval by the list owner.

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